Astrochemistry: large molecules in space

School of Chemistry
University of Nottingham
5–6 January 2012

Annual meeting of the Astrophysical Chemistry Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Astronomical Society.

Invited speakers

  • Peter Sarre (University of Nottingham)
    Very large molecules in astrophysical objects

  • John Thrower (Aarhus University)
    What role might HPAHs play in H2 formation?

  • Serena Viti (UCL)
    Large organic molecules in space: where do we find them and how can we make them?

  • Martin Cordiner (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
    Carbon chain chemistry in circumstellar envelopes, interstellar clouds and cometary comae

A poster session and reception was held on the Thursday late afternoon and early evening.

The APCG AGM was held on 5 January.

The registration cost covered tea, coffee and lunch on Wednesday and Thursday. A conference meal was organised in the city on the Thursday evening.

Student bursaries were available to cover accommodation and registration for those students who are APCG members and making either poster or oral presentations.