AstroChemistry young researchers meeting

School of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University
West Extension Rooms WX3.07 and 3.14
20 September 2007

The AstroChemistry Young Researchers Meeting was a one day conference, organised by the Astrophysical Chemistry Group of the RAS and RSC. It was aimed primarily at post-graduate students and new post-docs, working in the field of astro-chemistry. The meeting covered all aspects of the subject, from observations and laboratory modelling, to theoretical modelling.

Students and post-docs were encouraged to present their work in short (15 minute) talks or as poster presentations. The programme of talks and posters was an excellent introduction into the field of astrochemistry for researchers just starting out in this exciting field.

Previous meetings in this series have been a great success. The programmes for the last two years are available on the AstroSurf website.

Registration for the meeting was £10 to cover the room hire costs, and this also included tea, coffee, and lunch.

There was a poster award for the best student poster.

Many thanks to AstroSurf for financial support

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Oral Program

10:00 Arrival and Tea

11:00 Bruce Swinyard (RAL) - Prospects for astrochemistry from space infrared missions

11:45 Magda Vasta (UCL) - Modelling chemical and physical conditions of the ISM

12.10 Lyshia Quinn (Manchester) - Excited hydroxyl masers and massive star formation

12:35 Alison Craigon (Strathclyde) - Ammonia in star forming regions

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Davy Adriaens (UCL) - Computational study of OCS formation on model dust grains

14:25 Julia Roberts (UCL) - Modelling the chemistry in collapsing cores

14:50 Catherine Walsh (QUB) - Chemical modelling of protoplanetary disks

15:15 Coffee

15:45 William Whyatt (UCL) - Modelling the clumps in planetary nebulae

16:10 Jenny Noble (strathclyde) - CO photodestruction rates on star-forming regions

16:35 Roisin Ni Chuimin (Manchester) - Modelling of carbon chains and anions in photon dominated regions

17:00 Close

Poster program

  • John Edridge (UCL) Studies of water and carbon monoxide ices on interstellar dust grains

  • David Tideswell (Manchester) Chemical and radiative modelling of molecular ensembles

  • James Green (Jodrell Bank) The methanol multibeam survey